Happy George Paw and Skin Protection Butter

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Happy George Paw Butter 


Happy George Pet Care products was developed for our rescue, George who has very sensitive skin. Happy George pet products can be used on any animal. Happy George  products are made with all natural products. Beeswax base with natural butters and vitamins tailored just for pets. Happy George products are made to help your pet's skin, paws, and nose and can be used to help with boo boo's, scratches, skin irritation, soars, and after surgery procedures.  

Because animals digest things differently especially essential oils, we do not add essential oils to our pet products.  Happy George all natural pet care products help soothe the nerve endings helps with anxiety, heals the skin, and nose,  keeps your pet healthy and happy. Happy George products can be used anytime not just for the winter months. 

Happy George Paw and Skin Protection Butter

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