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We are proud to offer our natural elegant aromatherapy products.  All of our products are all natural, made with essential oils, body butters, bee's wax, vitamins for the skin, and aloe. Flavor depends on the essential oil.

In addition to our aromatherapy products we carry non - THC CBD products. CBD Salves made by Natures Gift Market. CBD aids in helping with pain, anxiety, and more. Our CBD is certified and has been tested in three independent professional labs. 

In addition to our all natural aromatherapy products and our CBD products, we carry our Happy George, all natural Pet Care products: Salves for skin, nose and paws, and shampoo bars: honey and Oatmeal, made with aloe, vitamins for skin and fish oil and additional oils tailored just for pets. Pets have a different digestive system than humans. To help protect our pets, Happy George products are chemical free, contain NO scents, nor essential oils. 

Used for thousands of years, essential oils are plant based, all natural, help with inflammation, reduces headaches, helps improve respiratory, relives stress, helps with sleep, anxiety, pain, cramps, migraines, congestion and more.  


*Essential oils are NOT a cure for health issues. Essential oils are well known and have been used for thousands of years to aid in the overall health and wellness. Pregnant women and persons with health issues should always check with his / her physician before use of essential oils.